Peace building

Intellectual Hours- February, 2014


February 26, 2014 Topic:“The need for dialogue on Interfaith Harmony for World Peace”. Guest Speaker: Prof. Dr. M. Jamil Qalander Chairman Qalandar Universe Luminous (QUL) Welfare Foundation International He is also Professor at Quaid-e-Azam University and Islamic International University, Islamabad. Points discussed by Guest Speaker Man is a Dialogical Being as he cannot express himself […]

Health & Hygiene Training


Health & Hygiene Training (February 2014) I-LAP has initiated a campaign for delivering Health and Hygiene Trainings at schools lead by CSOs based in Islamabad and its adjoining areas. I-LAP has a vast experience of delivering Health and Hygiene Trainings encompassing Personal Hygiene, Domestic Hygiene and Environmental Hygiene. I-LAP believes that good Health and Hygiene […]

Workshop on Traffic Rules and Regulations


Workshop on Traffic Rules and Regulations (February, 2013) A Training Workshop was arranged in collaboration with the Islamabad Traffic Police for better acquainting the members of the Peace Youth Club in Traffic Rules. Three Traffic Police Officers from the Training Branch of the Islamabad Traffic Police participated in the event and gave a detailed presentation […]

I-LAP Internship Programme(June-July 2013)


I-LAP Internship Programme(June-July 2013) Students from five renowned educational institutions of Rawalpindi and Islamabad participated inI-LAP Internship Programme, namely Froebel’s International School Rawalpindi, Westminster College Islamabad, Bahria University Islamabad, Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad and Lahore Grammar School Islamabad. Saidpur Village, a low income area, was selected for the Internship activities, where the Interns spent two highly […]

International Interfaith Day (June 21, 2013)


International Interfaith Day (June 21, 2013) Interfaith League Against Poverty celebrated the International Interfaith Day by arranging a Painting Competition among students ranging between the ages of 15 and 22. The Painting Competition was an endeavor to pay homage to those who have been victimized on the basis of their religious beliefs. Celebration of the […]

Intellectual Hour February 25, 2013


February 25, 2013 Guest Speaker: Ms. Maliha Hussain Director Programmes at Mehergarh, a non-profit organization, is a Center for Learning and is working with a commitment to transform our future generations, with a focus on promoting democracy. The organization works extensively with youth, religious minorities and women. Mehergarh was also an active member of AASHA […]

Intellectual Hour- January 24, 2013 Topic:“Interfaith peace and harmony for a peaceful co- existence in the perspective of the father of the nation, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah; the way forward for Pakistan in present scenario”.


Intellectual Hour I-LAP Peace Citizen’s Forum organises fortnightly Intellectual Hours which provide an opportunity to people from different walks of life to voice their concerns regarding Political, Economic, Sociological and Technical factors that are directly or indirectly affecting their lives. This forum aims to find sustainable solutions to overcome problems by building consensus through dialogues […]

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