Kot Radha Kishan Incident, Christian Couple Burnt alive- Nov, 2014


Kot Radha Kishan, District Kasur (November 2014) An extremely tragic incident yet again took place at Chak No: 59, Tehsil Kot Radha Kishan, District Kasur, near Lahore, Pakistan, where a couple was kidnapped, brutally beaten and then burnt alive in a brick kiln, allegedly for burning pages of the Quran. The young couple, Shahzad and […]

Food and NFI Distribution BadamiBagh, Joseph Colony at Lahore (March 2013)


  BadamiBagh, Joseph ColonyIncident at Lahore (March 2013) BadamiBagh Police, Lahore charged a 26-year old man SawanMasih with blasphemy and booked him under Section 295-C on March 9, 2013. Allegedly a Muslim and Christian boy had a dispute among themselves on Thursday evening which resulted in a big fight and the Muslim community living in […]

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