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Interfaith League Against Poverty (I-LAP) is a non-profit organisation which was established in 2004 and registered under the Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies Ordinance 1961. The primary objective of the organisation is to promote interfaith harmony & peace, reduce religious extremism, encourage equality on the basis of humanity and ensure respect for all religions around the world through advocacy and lobbying at all levels.

I-LAP Head Office is based at Islamabad and it has established its Regional Office in District Lahore, Punjab Province. I-LAP has worked extensively in Districts Mansehra, Balakot and Swabi, KP Province; Districts Turbet and Gwader, Baluchistan Province; Districts Rahim Yar Khan, and Khan Bela, Punjab Province; Districts Tando Muhammad Khan, Badin and Tharparker, Sindh Province.

I-LAP was certified by the Pakistan Center for Philanthropy (PCP) for its outstanding performance in the areas of Internal Governance, Financial Management and Programme Delivery and holds tax exemption status from Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). I-LAP is a member organisation of International Network of Museums for Peace.

I-LAP has also been actively contributing in Advocacy and Lobbying for the Right to Religious Freedom, Interfaith Harmony, Reducing Religious Extremism, Promotion of Religious Tolerance and raising voice for access to justice. I-LAP also provides Humanitarian Assistance and sustainable climatic resilient community development projects. The cross-cutting theme of all Programmes of I-LAP focuses on promotion of peace at local, national and international levels.

Emergency Response:
I-LAP is committed to give response to natural and man made disasters throughout the country and has played a vital role in community development through promoting interfaith harmony, Peace through Education, livelihood, Water and Sanitation and Reconstruction of schools destroyed in the earthquake. I-LAP believes in participatory projects done in close relationships with the community members through forming Community Based Organizations and Self Help Groups. I-LAP enhances the capacity of community members through training and other activities and enables them to sustain their lives instead of depending on external forces. I-LAP has a trustworthy experience in working with international partners in various long and short term projects particularly food aid, food security, cash for work, WASH, rehabilitation of agricultural land and water sources, reconstruction of schools, construction of one room and two room shelters and latrines.

I-LAP is based in Islamabad but has a network in 4 provinces, namely Punjab, Baluchistan, Sindh and KPK. It has an Emergency Response Department that reaches out to affected communities and altogether 187 staff members have implemented projects around the country. The staff is qualified, well trained with high professional skills in community development and disaster response. I-LAP has experience and proven capacity in working with international partners in various long and short term projects.



To play a vital role in creating awareness among citizens about the importance of interfaith harmony, peace, tolerance and respect for all on the basis of humanity and develop a sense of belonging among the people

To create a new generation of peace workers, peace defenders and peace negotiators towards catalyzing positive change in the
community for prevention of conflicts and promotion and sustenance of peace in the multi-ethnic, multi cultural Pakistan


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